Meet Waikiki; A singer-songwriter from Maui, Hawaii. Her genre is mainstream, upbeat (Pop/Electronic/EDM). She’s also CEO of Mountain Music record label and Waikiki Entertainment, an event company. We interviewed Waikiki and here is what she had to say:

I’m happy to continue my journey creating music. Every time I release a single or perform in a concert, I create positive energy which is uplifting to music lovers. I generally generate high revenue for people affiliated with the music industry around my concept. I’ve done a lot with my career but I can do much more. I recently released my new single, “Catch A Wave with Me” — Pop/Tropical House. Good stats with Spotify & excellent worldwide radio airplay. I would like to experience what it’s like to have a huge fan following. I hope that I experience another top 40 worldwide hits, so music lovers can tune in and go on a journey with Waikiki to experience joy. I also hope my music inspires young talents and I enjoy when possible helping rising new talents.

Social Media; FB: Waikiki Entertainment @WaikikiMusic. Instagram:@rosemarywaikiki. SmartLink: https://musicdiffusion.lnk.to/ykR0nXED YouTube channel: Waikiki Entertainment